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Master of Arts(English)

Master of Arts(English)


This program is aimed at making students able to read, interpret and criticize text in a wide range of modes, genres, and media in order to develop the notion of textuality, without being unduly caught up by the glamour of literature and theory.



Semester I (Required Courses)

Introduction to literature and Literary Analysis (ENGL 550.1)
Academic Writing (I) (ENGL 550.2)
Literary Criticism (ENGL 550.3)
Ideas and Themes in Poetry (ENGL 550.4)
Themes and Trends in Fiction (ENGL 550.5)

Second Year

History of British and American Literature (ENGL 551.1)
Critical Stylistics (ENGL 551.2)
Modern and Contemporary Literary Theory (ENGL 551.3)
(Any TWO Courses)
Postcolonial Studies (ENGL 551.4)
Travel Writing (ENGL 551.5)
Non-fiction (from the margin) (ENGL 551.6)
Literature of War, Conflict and Trauma (ENGL 551.7)
Media Studies (ENGL 551.8)
Environmental Literature and Criticism (ENGL 551.9)
Children’s Literature (ENGL 551.10)

Third Year

Environment I (Theory)
Environment II (Theory)
Environment (Prac.)
Chemistry I / Botany I / Zoology I (Theory)
Chemistry II / Botany II / Zoology II (Theory)
Chemistry / Botany / Zoology (Practical)
Research Methodology
Interdisciplinary Subject

Fourth Year

Environment I (Theory)
Environment II (Theory)
Environment (Practical)
Interdisciplinary Subject
Computational Course
Project Writing and Presentation
Fact file


Four years

Entry requirements

Application is open to students of Science background who have cleared HSEB / I.Sc or equivalent with a minimum of 50%.


Kartik/Mangsir each year


Program Director
Birendra Man Tamrakar
Tel: +977-1-4477082/4495165 Ext. 104
Email: b.tamrakar@goldengate.edu.np